Getting Help for Aging Parents: What You Need

As your parents get older, the stress and worry that comes along with taking care of them increases. While there are many ways to deal with the difficult situation, there is one thing you need to know about getting help for your aging parents.   Transparency is key.   Despite your unique experiences, situations, and [...]

How Technology Can Help Your Loved Ones Who Are Struggling With Dementia

There is no doubt that watching your loved ones struggle with dementia can be difficult. Dementia can cause anger and frustration as seemingly simple tasks become immense challenges. While there is no cure for dementia, there is new technology that can help make the day to day life of living with dementia a little bit [...]

5 Tips for Communicating with an Alzheimer’s Patient

While some Alzheimer’s patients are more lucid than others, communicating with anyone with Alzheimer’s requires a certain amount of knowledge, patience, and acceptance. By knowing certain tricks and tips that make this communication easier on both parties, you can learn how to successfully communicate with an Alzheimer’s patient. Read the following five tips for help [...]

10 Tips for Caregiving on Vacation

Caregiving on vacation is one of the tougher tasks that you’ll have to encounter in your lifetime for a number of reasons. The thing to remember is that there will be a good deal of stimuli around which will inevitably lead to some confusion. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll still have a relaxing time while [...]

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