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Colonial Home Care has been established longer than any other privately owned and operated senior home care company in Orange County. With a reputation for providing quality and dependable services, Colonial takes pride in being a company with old-fashioned values. Our team truly cares about the well-being of our clients. And because we care as you do, you can consider us “Next To Family”.

How to Avoid Feelings of Guilt When Taking a Respite Care Break

Feelings of guilt are so prevalent among family caregivers that it even has a name: “caregiver guilt.” Many caregivers feel guilty because they believe they’re not providing adequate care; they experience guilt over feeling frustrated and angry about their chaotic life or lack of control, or over their need to take a respite care break.

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National Senior Citizens Day: Respect and Cherish that Special Senior in Your Life

Although most Americans are unaware of its significance, Senior Citizens Day is a national holiday intended to honor and show appreciation for the older adults in our lives. This holiday commemorates the more than 54 million seniors living in the United States.

What Can Home Care Do for Me?

As seniors get older, it can become more and more challenging to handle daily tasks and live independently in a single-family home. A retirement community, assisted living center or nursing home are always options, of course, but many times seniors want to spend this season late in life in the places they love and doing the things they enjoy most.

5 Facts You Should Know about Summer and Seniors

Summer is the season to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. But spending time outside is a little more complicated for seniors. They are more vulnerable to summer conditions and have reactions that younger adults don't experience. Here are 5 things to think about before you spend any extended time outside in the hot summer elements with a senior citizen.

How to Travel Comfortably With an Aging Adult

Traveling with family and friends are great ways to get aging adults out of the house and to help them live full lives. But traveling with aging adults isn’t as straightforward as loading kids into a minivan and hitting the road. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you map out your journey.

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