There is no doubt that watching your loved ones struggle with dementia can be difficult. Dementia can cause anger and frustration as seemingly simple tasks become immense challenges. While there is no cure for dementia, there is new technology that can help make the day to day life of living with dementia a little bit easier. Take a look at some of these technological innovations and applications below.


Communication Tool

A lot of individuals struggling with conditions like dementia, stroke, or brain damage can have a difficult time communicating. Communication Tool is an iPhone application created by Social Care Alba designed to help people better communicate with those around them through the use of pictures. By providing over 500 possible images and the opportunity to upload personal pictures, users not only have an easier time communicating their thoughts and feelings, but also exercising their memory in just three simple steps. Download Communication Tool here.


Day Clock

Since dementia can cause people to have trouble distinguishing the difference between day and night, the Day Clock can help people better tell the time of day and assist in maintaining a daily routine. Rather than displaying the specific time of day in numerical format, the Day Clock simply shows the time of day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night. For example, instead of saying it is 9:00am, the Day Clock’s simple interface will read “Now it’s Monday morning.” The Day Clock was created by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering and can be purchased for $119 here.



Mindme is a personal alarm, response system, and GPS all in one. The small device is ideal for those struggling with dementia because the alarm and response system allows users to alert Mindme’s 24/7 response center with the simple click of a button. Once alerted, Mindme’s experienced operators will call through the device and ensure that the user receives the care he or she needs. Further, the GPS allows Mindme operators and loved ones to track the user in case he or she accidentally wanders outside set parameters. For more information about Mindme, check out their website.


Medisafe Pill Reminder

One of the most notable symptoms caused by dementia is memory loss. Your loved ones struggling with dementia can have trouble remembering everything from the day of the week to the time they need to take their pills. Medication management technology like Medisafe Pill Reminder can help prevent your loved ones from missing a pill or accidentally taking a double dosage. This simple application is free with a simple interface to easily remind your loved ones when to take various medications. The Medisafe Pill Reminder app can be downloaded here.


Remember Me!

Since many people with dementia have trouble recognizing family and friends, Remember Me! helps those facing dementia stay better connected to their loved ones. This Android application uses GPS tracking and cloud connections to alert users when friends, family, and caregivers are nearby. The alert sends users the approaching individual’s name, relationship, and previously uploaded pictures to jog a memory. The app can also help with reminders about previous conversations. Remember Me! can help improve the quality of life for your loved ones struggling with dementia.


Although dementia can make day to day life difficult for those struggling with dementia, technology can help encourage autonomy, ease anxiety, establish a routine, and minimize potential safety risks for your loved ones. If you feel like you need additional help caring for your loved ones with dementia, give us a call at (714) 289-7220 or contact us here!