As your parents get older, the stress and worry that comes along with taking care of them increases. While there are many ways to deal with the difficult situation, there is one thing you need to know about getting help for your aging parents.


Transparency is key.


Despite your unique experiences, situations, and family relationships, it is imperative to be transparent with your aging parents. Maintaining an open line of communication between yourself and your parents will not only improve your parent’s quality of life, but enhance your caregiving experience.


Although transparency seems simple enough, it is often overlooked and serves as the number one problem coming between adult children and their aging parents. Adult children tend to consciously or unconsciously hide and deny the situation, ultimately preventing their parents from getting the help they need. Adult children may do this for the following reasons: a distorted sense of personal responsibility, constant state of guilt, or simply lack of resources and knowledge. The following statements are commonly said by adult children to explain the reasoning behind their decisions when it comes to their aging parents:


  • “I’m my parent’s child. I have to be the one who cares for our parent.”
  • “My parent refuses to let a stranger in their home. They only want me there to help”
  • “I’ve never been a caregiver before. But, I can figure this out on my own.”
  • “I am so tired and don’t have any extra time or money, so I’ll just manage and deal with problems as they arise.”


Even though there are valid reasons behind each of those statements, avoiding what’s really going on can make a tough situation even more difficult. To give your aging parents the help they need, it is important to truly become transparent. This means addressing the situation, sharing your needs, and reaching out for help and support. There are so many resources available right at your fingertips, like the educational classes and support groups from Alzheimer’s Association, medication and appointment management tools from eCareDiaryand personal services from Colonial Home Care Services. There are also countless others going through the same struggles who are willing to share their experiences and offer great advice. All you have to do is ask. It’s never too soon to reach out to your family members, share your concerns and challenges, and ask for ideas and support.


Although being completely transparent can be difficult, it is crucial to continue communicating as times get tougher. By having open and honest conversations, you can also ensure that you and your parents are on the same page moving forward. Whether you are considering taking on the caregiver role, getting in-home care for your parents, or finding a senior living community, it is important to show your parents that you care. It can be difficult for your parents to transition to assisted living, so it is especially significant to communicate your reasoning behind your decisions and explain that you are trying to give them a better life not take away their freedom. While we all respond to adversity in different ways, being transparent, communicating openly, and asking questions will help your parents get the help they need.

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