Sometimes it seems as if long term care insurance companies are in the business of denying claims rather than servicing their policyholders – or at least this is what we hear from time to time from frustrated clients. We took our first long term care insurance client back in 1996, and admittedly, back then we had no idea what long term care insurance even was! We’ve come a long way since then, and have worked with every major carrier.

Over the years we have also worked hard to simplify the claims process for clients with their insurance companies. While other companies prefer not to get involved, Colonial on the other hand welcomes the opportunity to navigate clients through the maze of forms to be completed and submitted, and even take assignment of benefits so the insurance company can pay us directly rather than reimbursing a policyholder. So streamlined is our process that all a client has to do is provide us with policy information, and we’ll do the rest. Our clients never have to shuffle paperwork and invoices back and forth with the insurance company – it’s all part of our system and is done automatically. And for those clients who prefer to manage their own claims, our Care Connect online communication tool provides easy access to all the necessary paperwork.

We know the process, we know the system, we know long term care insurance.