Frequently Asked Questions

With such an important decision come questions and concerns.  Let us help you get started with answers to the more common questions we receive.

My mom’s needs are constantly changing. Are you flexible with your scheduling?

Yes. We understand that things can change quickly, and only require a day’s notice to change a schedule.

What if we sign up for services, and then my father no longer needs help?

With Colonial, there is no long term obligation for services.  You can suspend or terminate services at any time.

Do you accept long term care insurance?

Absolutely.  Every policy is different though, and we’re happy to discuss the details with you.

What if my father doesn’t like his Home Care Aide?

Personnel changes can be requested at any time, for any reason. We understand that a personality match is important too.

What makes Colonial Home Care different from other licensed home care providers?

Many things – our length of time in business, our unparalleled training curriculum, and our commitment to being next to family, to name a few.  We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our services with you, please give us a call!

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