There are special considerations that must be taken in order to ensure that homes are safe for your loved ones. Things that once might have proved to be a minor nuisance can become hazardous. You should consider looking into these details to help ensure that a home is safe for your loved one so that they can continue to live comfortably and independently for as long as possible.

Remember to perform a thorough evaluation of the home to identify potential problem areas. Because seniors might not be able to lift or climb themselves to reach things that they need, easily moving items off of high shelves and into more accessible locations could be very beneficial.

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As you plan to make a home safe for your loved one, it may be a good idea to start from the ground up. A lot of injuries to seniors occur as the result of trips, slips and falls. You should ensure that the flooring is as safe for them as possible.

Begin by examining the flooring to determine if there are any areas, such as small steps, that may pose a danger to a senior. While it might seem minor to you, remember that a senior’s mobility is most likely limited. If safety is a concern, try considering the installation of a ramp to make areas of the home easier to access and to prevent the possibility of falls.

It could also be a good idea to evaluate the type of flooring within the home to determine whether it should be replaced. Area rugs could be a major source for falls and trips. You should consider using materials to secure area rugs to the floor to ensure that the edges remain secure and do not present a tripping hazard. It may just be best to remove area rugs completely. Non-slip mats and strips could be used on steps and in areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom to reduce the possibility of falls on slippery flooring. Floor wax that doesn’t skid is also available to make it easier and safer for seniors to walk on certain types of flooring.


A bathroom is one of the more common areas for accidents in the home, so it is well worth the investment to make the bathroom as safe as possible. Start by ensuring that there is no clutter and that your loved one can move throughout the bathroom as needed. Also pay close attention to the flooring and ensure that you have taken the steps needed to ensure that it is safe to walk on. Having adequate bath mats that don’t slip can help with this.

Include these mats inside the shower or bathtub and consider whether or not your senior can stand inside the shower. There are a lot of tools available to help make the shower safer. Consider the installation of a bar for your loved one to grip onto or look for items such as shower seats to prevent falls inside the shower. A handheld shower spray could also be of great help, especially when it’s used with a shower seat.

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