Karen’s mother Alice, who lived with her, was exhibiting the early signs of dementia. She was getting more confused as the days passed. Her personal cleanliness and grooming had deteriorated to the point that she hadn’t bathed in three weeks. Her excuse was that her shoulders and back were sore, and she couldn’t shower or get into the tub.

Karen suggested to Alice that it was time to have a home care aide come in a couple of days per week to help Alice prepare meals, bathe, get dressed, and be a companion. Karen wasn’t surprised that Alice was adamant that she didn’t need anyone’s help, let alone someone she didn’t know.

Easing in With a Bath Visit

After talking with several home care agencies, it was suggested to Karen that she introduce Alice to home care by having an aide come to their home and meet Alice through a bath visit.

On the day of the visit, Karen didn’t warn Alice that the aide was coming. Alice dug her heels in at first, but with some coaxing from Karen and the aide, Alice reluctantly agreed. Karen and Alice couldn’t have been happier with how the visit went.

The aide had Alice bathed and her hair washed in no time. She also helped Alice get dressed, situated in her favorite chair, and had a pleasant visit with her. Before she left, she even wiped down the shower.

When the aide left, Karen sat with Alice and told her how nice and clean she looked, which pleased Alice and brought a smile to her face. Then, Karen asked Alice if she would mind if the aide came to the house and helped her again, maybe even cook her a meal. Alice agreed without hesitating.

Alice enjoyed many more happy and healthy years at home. Ultimately, thanks to Karen taking the time to connect with a home care agency that wanted to help and home care aides that treated Alice with dignity and compassion.

We Can Help

If you have a loved one that needs home care but is opposing the idea, you’re not alone. At Colonial Home Care, we’ve been helping families and their aging parents adapt to visits by a home care aide. We have over 25 years of experience helping seniors age at home.

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