The process for transitioning into life with home care services can be intimidating. Your parents may resist a new caregiver, feel a loss of freedom, or may not think they need assistance. However, it is important to still have that conversation and be honest about why home care services really is the best move for them. Open communication is just one of the many approaches to dealing with change and resistance. Discover how you can help your aging parents adjust to home care services with these simple tips:


1. Communicate

Communication is one of the most important methods to helping your parents ease into home care services. Even though your parents will have another person to talk to with their new caregiver, it is still important that they hear from their family and friends so they do not feel like they were cast aside during this difficult time of transition. To ensure good communication, make sure your parents have their own telephone and an easy to read address book at home. Then, call them regularly and encourage other family and friends to do the same. Aside from showing your love, regular communication can also allow you to monitor how your parents are adjusting to their new caregiver. During the first few months of adjustment, communication is especially important and cherished the most by your parents.


2. Visit regularly

Although your parents will be in the comfort of their own homes, it is still important to visit regularly now that they are receiving home care services. Nothing shows how much you care for them than spending time together. Whether you go on a walk together or share a meal, simply being there for your parents can be extremely beneficial for both you and them during this time of adjustment. Mix it up between visiting them alone and bringing family or friends to truly maintain strong bonds between your parents and their loved ones. With the aid of home care services, you should no longer need to visit your parent’s home as a caregiver. Instead, focus on enjoying your time with them as a son or daughter and cherish the memories you make together.


3. Create a routine

As your parents adjust to home care services, it can be extremely beneficial for them to have a regular routine to help ease their transition. If your mother goes for a stroll every day mid afternoon, make sure her new caregiver knows that so she can maintain that routine. This will provide comfort and security for your parents. If your parents do not currently have any daily routines, communicate with them to see if there are any hobbies that interest them. Having a hobby or routine that they enjoy will give them something to look forward to each day.


4. Do something special

Send flowers, artwork from the kids, or a family photo album. For your parents, receiving a special delivery from you every so often shows your invaluable love and support. During this challenging time, it’s crucial for them to know that you’re still thinking about them and really do care about their wellbeing. If your parents value quality time the most, consider starting a new project with them like constructing a puzzle or reading a book. Any little thing you do to show how much you care can help your parents better adjust to home care services.


5. Create familiarity

With new changes, it’s important to maintain familiarity for your parents. If your father wants to eat lunch at his favorite restaurant or visit his old hometown, try to accommodate his requests whenever possible. These seemingly simple tasks may not seem like a huge deal to you, but can mean the world to your parents. By creating familiarity, you are helping your parents maintain old ties and allowing them to reminisce. This can also help strengthen the bond between you and your parents, while reminding them how valuable life is.


6. Be patient

When adjusting to a new caregiver, resistance and frustration from your parents is completely normal. Try to understand their reasons behind the resistance instead of feeling upset and remember to be patient throughout the entire process. By putting yourself in your parents shoes and understanding that this is a big lifestyle adjustment for them, you can better help them if they struggle.


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