Our stroke care services can help your loved one in the Orange, CA area recover at home.

Recovery time after a stroke can vary greatly—it can take weeks, months, or in some cases, even years. And while some individuals experience a full recovery others may continue to suffer from long-term side effects or lifelong disabilities. See how our professional caregivers in Orange, CA can help care for those who have had a stroke.

Compassionate In-Home Stroke Care in Orange, CA

Stroke rehabilitation may begin in the hospital, but for most seniors, the majority of the recovery process will take place in the home. Colonial Home Care’s in-home stroke care experts can help ensure a successful recovery in the comfort and safety of your loved one’s home. We’ll be there every step of the way to help maximize long-term independence.

Let one of our compassionate caregivers step in to lend a hand. We can provide assistance with:

Personal Care – We understand the value of independence and what a challenge it can be to rely on others for assistance with personal daily care activities. Our caregivers are trained to compassionately provide assistance with such activities as personal hygiene, grooming, and dressing in a dignified manner, all the while allowing our clients to do as much as they can on their own.

Meal Planning and Preparation – Individuals recovering from a stroke may have special dietary restrictions or needs. Our caregivers can provide assistance with grocery shopping, meal planning, and preparation assuring your loved one is maintaining a regular meal schedule and get the proper nutrition and caloric intake they need to properly recover.

Medications Reminders – Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can assist with providing medication reminders, ensuring medication compliance, and assessing for any potential side-effects.

Companionship Care – We will visit your loved ones at their home and spend time with them. From conversation to memory exercises, companionship can sometimes be the best solution to help loved ones through the recovery process. Support from one of our caregivers can also help relieve some of the fear and anxiety that may result after experiencing a stroke.

Mobility Assistance – Depending on the severity of the stroke, a doctor, therapist, and/or discharge planner may advise using certain medical equipment such as a cane, walker, wheelchair, or hospital bed to help facilitate a safe and smooth recovery. Our caregivers are well trained and familiar with such equipment and can assist your loved one as they work towards regaining any mobility they may have temporarily lost.

Assistance with Errands – We can assist by running errands on behalf of our clients or accompanying and transporting them to personal appointments such as the beauty shop & barber, visiting family and friends, shopping, local errands, and more.

Transportation to Therapy – Maintaining a consistent therapy schedule is often key to a successful recovery. Our caregivers can make sure your loved one is able to keep up with their therapy sessions and appointments (physical, occupational, or speech).

Your Local Provider for In-Home Senior Care Services

We have been providing trustworthy and dependable home care to seniors living in Brea, Long Beach, Orange County & the surrounding area for over 25 years. Your loved one’s safety and well-being are our primary concerns. We take great pride in carefully selecting and thoroughly screening our staff to ensure that all of our clients receive a compassionate, dedicated, and trustworthy caregiver. We have expertise working with a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging from companion-level care to terminal illness.  Help can be arranged for as little as a few hours a day to around-the-clock care.