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Our Home Care Aides

Colonial's Home Care Aides are an integral part of our team and our vision.  You and your family can have peace of mind knowing that each of our Aides has a caring personality, a diligent work ethic, and effective communication skills.  Some have even earned awards positioning them amongst the best Home Care Aides in Southern California. 

Unlike many other area home care companies, our practice is not simply a "revolving door" of caregivers.  In fact, our Home Care Aides have been employed with Colonial for an average time of five years - longer than many home care companies have been providing services.  To help us select only the best Home Care Aides, we utilize a unique and comprehensive screening and selection process, consisting of a combination of leading industry resources, and our own internal processes that we’ve refined over our two decades of hiring.  Ultimately, only 5% of all applicants are selected to serve on our team. 

Our process includes:

Personal interviews Hands-on skills examination
Personality assessment English proficiency evaluation
Criminal background check Employment reference verification
Social Security verification DMV record check
Employment eligibility verification TB test
Thorough Orientation  

And while it begins with hiring the best, it doesn't end there.  During their employment at Colonial Home Care, we provide ongoing continuing education to our Home Care Aides to enhance their knowledge and skills, with courses on such topics as Alzheimer's care, hospice care and other illness- specific training.  Our curriculum is developed with leading industry resources and members of the local health care community, and is unique to Colonial.  Our Home Care Aides also receive regular professional oversight, ensuring that the quality of care is what you and your family need and deserve.  Below is a sample of some of the specific training courses we offer to our Home Care Aides:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Caring for Stroke Patients
  • Working with the Visually Impaired
  • Healthy Diets for Seniors
  • Kosher Cooking
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Safe Exercises for Seniors
  • Cancer Patients
  • Hospice Care


Meet Our Home Care Aides:


Aburto, Margaret.jpg Adams, Phyllis.jpg Amanda Adams.jpg Baguio, Marcianni.jpg Barut, Evelyn.jpg Benjamin, Delsya.jpg
Bivens, Vilma.jpg Bolden, Wendy.jpg Briseno, Corina.jpg Broswell, Misty.jpg Burke, Helen.jpg Cabactulan, Wildan.jpg
Caceres, Emelie.jpg Cajiuat, Maria.jpg Calderon, Daisy.jpg Campos, Christina.jpg Cancino, Divina.jpg Cansino, Randy.jpg
Cao, Yen.jpg Caoili, Rosita.jpg Castillo, Louisa.jpg Cole, Stephanie.jpg Collazo, Joe.jpg Cortez, Stella.jpg
Crooks, Theresa.jpg Curtis, Johanna.jpg Czajowski, Elzbieta.jpg Daugherty, Isabel.jpg Davenport, Carmell.jpg Yap, Cynthia.jpg
Dederer, Sandy.jpg Digal, Manuel.jpg Dulaney, Liza.jpg Farr, Virginia.jpg Flores, Lilia.jpg French, Teresita.jpg
Gachoya, Rose.jpg Gichara, Philomena.jpg Giliszer, Betty.jpg Giorgevici, Natalia.jpg Guardia, Sonia.jpg Gutierrez, Violeta.jpg
Hardy, Penny.jpg Williams, Carolyn.jpg Hassan, Jemila.jpg Hill, Duwana.jpg Hofflund, Eva.jpg Jackson, Marisela.jpg
Jacobs, La Felicia.jpg Jimenez, Ana.jpg Jin, Kyle.jpg Karoki, Susan.jpg Kassir, Kayla.jpg Kerth, Elaine.jpg
Kinyua, David.jpg Languju, Grace.jpg Le-Sickle, Minh.jpg Liggons, Dorothy.jpg Long, Linda Lee.jpg Lopez, Silvia.jpg
Lysy, Cheryl.jpg Magale, Ruben.jpg Mallari, Henrietta.jpg Mamporte, Josephine.jpg Martinez, Monique.jpg Melendro, Rositas.jpg
Milne, Mallory.jpg Walton, Leah.jpg Moore, Dorothy.jpg Morales, Ninnette.jpg Morales, Paula.jpg Mosha, Helen.jpg
Munoz, Amanda.jpg Mutua, Jane.jpg Ngagi, Judith.jpg Ngugi, Grace.jpg Nguyen, Cassandra.jpg Nguyen, Haley.jpg
Nguyen, Victoria.jpg Noriega, Zayra.jpg Nourian, Hoda.jpg Novoa, Angie.jpg Olmedo, Eva.jpg Ortiz, Lourdes.jpg
Vitale, Francesca.jpg Pater, Jennifer.jpg Pena, Joanna.jpg Perez, Linda.jpg Zamudio, Ramona.jpg Picou, Lisa.jpg
Plotena, Aida.jpg Pritchett, Elizabeth.jpg Ramirez, Brenda.jpg Ramm, Linda.jpg Ramsey, Angela.jpg Ranasinghe, Prema.jpg
Reynoso, Melissa.jpg Roatis, Alexandra.jpg Rodriguez, Jose.jpg Rodriguez, Rosa.jpg Rosado, Iris.jpg Rulloda, Arsenia.jpg
Ruppel, Tara.jpg Sahelian, Allegra.jpg Salazar, Hilda.jpg Salazar, Maria.jpg Salgado, Reina.jpg Sanchez, Maria.jpg
Schneider, Roxanne.jpg Schultz, Sandra.jpg Segovia, Melody.jpg Shank, Teresa.jpg Silva, Maria.jpg Simpson, Jacqueline.jpg
Smith, Charesse.jpg Stevens, Juliet.jpg Tobias, Daniel.jpg Tovar, Corina.jpg Trammell, Margaret.jpg Trieu, Betty.jpg
Tristan, Dolores.jpg Vasquez, Carmen.jpg Vazquez, Estela Jackie.jpg Veloz, Elizabeth.jpg Veloz, Liliana.jpg Viszneki, Olga.jpg

Our 2009-2011 Home Care Aides

Please take a moment to meet our management team as well.



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