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Examples From Different Families

The following are some real-life examples of how Colonial Home Care has played an integral role in helping our clients and their families with their unique home care needs. These stories are from situations with actual clients and employees:  

Mrs. Robbins: Post Surgery Recovery
Mrs. Robbins had hip replacement surgery and during her recovery she needed assistance at home for a few hours each day. Her daughter arranged for help from Colonial Home Care, and we sent Hilda over right away.  Hilda assisted Mrs. Robbins with showering, getting dressed, and with her physical therapy routine.  Hilda also went shopping, did light chores around the house, and drove Mrs. Robbins to her doctor and beauty appointments.  Hilda left just after lunch each day, but she always made sure Mrs. Robbins had a meal prepared that could simply be reheated for dinner.  As the weeks progressed, Mrs. Robbins grew stronger, and was soon independent again.

Mrs. Kelly: Daytime Assistance
Mrs. Kelly lived with her daughter and son-in-law, both of whom worked during the day.   However, Mrs. Kelly suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and her family did not want to leave her home alone while they were working.  We assigned Phyllis to care for Mrs. Kelly in their absence.  Phyllis assisted Mrs. Kelly with all of her personal care, helped her exercise, and prepared her meals.  Phyllis also kept Mrs. Kelly mentally stimulated by playing games with her, taking her on walks, and just laughing and chatting with her.  Phyllis' assistance each day gave Mrs. Kelly's daughter and son-in-law peace of mind knowing their mother was well taken care of while they were away.

Mr. Padgett: Daily Personal Care Assistance
Mr. Padgett suffered from Parkinson's disease.  He lived at home with his wife, who provided most of his care.  However, Mr. Padgett required significant physical assistance with bathing and personal care and Mrs. Padgett had difficulty assisting her husband with these tasks.  Mrs. Padgett called Colonial Home Care, and we arranged for Ray to go for a brief one-hour visit to help.  Ray went over several times a week to bathe Mr. Padgett, shave him, get him dressed, comb his hair and brush his teeth.  With his personal care needs met, Mr. Padgett could continue to live in his home with his wife.

Mrs. Hageman: Friendly Companion Care
Mrs. Hageman lived alone for many years after her husband passed away.  Now in her 80's, Mrs. Hageman was diagnosed with dementia.  She was becoming forgetful and confused. Her family was concerned for her safety, but understandably she did not want to leave the home she had known for over 50 years.   So they called Colonial Home Care, and we began providing daily services for her.  Prema, the Home Care Aide assigned by Colonial, became instant friends with Mrs. Hageman.  Prema helped Mrs. Hageman rekindle interest in former hobbies such as flower arranging and baking, and drove her to visit friends and relatives around the holidays.   As Mrs. Hageman's age progressed, so did her physical needs.  Prema was there, assisting with hands-on personal care, helping her walk, or just keeping her comfortable in bed if she was not feeling well.  With Prema's devoted help, Mrs. Hageman was able to remain in her home, where she wanted to be.

Mrs. Macy: 24-hour Supervision
Mrs. Macy was diagnosed with brain cancer, a terminal condition.  She was living at home with her husband and was under hospice care, but her husband was struggling to provide for her daily care needs while maintaining his own health.  Mr. Macy arranged for Colonial Home Care to provide aid for his wife day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Cheryl, Amy, Alexandra and Susan rotated in shifts caring for Mrs. Macy at her bedside, keeping her clean and comfortable.  Hospice care continued, and Colonial's Home Care Aides worked hand in hand with the hospice nurses.  Confident that her needs were now being met, Mrs. Macy's family members were able to spend more quality time with her. Mrs. Macy ultimately lost her battle with cancer, but she passed peacefully in her own home with her family by her side.

To date, Colonial Home Care has provided services to over 4000 families in Orange County.  Just as we have helped the clients above, we are confident that we can meet your family's home care needs as well.


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